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“He’s the Rock Star of Hypnosis”---Backstage Pass Magazine 

“2011 Entertainer of the Year”---Hypnotic Edge Magazine 

“2010 Funniest Man in Washington---The Stranger 

“Voted #2  2009 Funniest Comedian in Washington”---King 5 TV 

“Voted # 3 2010 Funniest Comedian in Washington”---King 5 TV 

"Only hypnotist in HISTORY ever to be considered for a Grammy Award 

“Considered for Seven Grammy Awards in 2003”- National Recording Arts 


If you’re looking for an old fashioned, outdated boring show…well my friends…This isn’t it.  But if you ARE  looking for a modern, fast paced, laugh a minute, mind bending, hell bent for leather excursion thru the inner mind…then you have found the right place. So buckle up tight Sparky and hang on…it can be one wild ride………. 

Take two parts uproariously  funny entertainment; one part mind opening experience, add ice and shake well and you’ve got an idea of what this show is all about. It’s an instant party just waiting for you to join. You see, Ron goes beyond the usual “patter” of most hypnotic performers and brings the comedy show to you keeping things edgy, current, toeing the line dangerously but never going “dirty”. Just check out the audience comments and ask the legions of fans that keep coming back again and again to his shows. 

Starting his show with a standup comedy routine and then exploring the infinite possibilities that the mind can create with an outrageous sense of humor as well providing an unbelievably entertaining show that will be remembered for years where no one leaves embarrassed. 

Ok, well almost no one…. 

Each show is as different and unique as its participants and if you are one of the lucky few to book Ron in your city for multiple shows the attendance only increases each night as those who witness this amazing performance spread the word and return night after night...bringing new friends, fans and fresh crop of witnesses and volunteers... 

So ladies and gentlemen; welcome a new breed of hypnotic entertainer: so different that Backstage Pass Magazine has dubbed him “the Rock Star of Hypnosis”. The Hypnotic Mayhem Comedy Hypnosis Show comes complete with the sound and lighting effects that you would expect from a full blown rock concert. Add an exceeding liberal dose of intensely insane comedy where the audience becomes the stars of the show and anything can happen…and often does. Take all your preconceived notions of what a hypnosis show is supposed to be and toss them out the window. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before….That’s because it’s much more than your typical hypnosis show…it’s Hypnotic Mayhem…

Ron Stubbs Credits 

Ron, along with his wife Jeanie performs at least 175-250+ shows per year and appears at major colleges/clubs/casinos and fairs across the US. He has hypnotized over one hundred thousand people onstage in his career. Here is a very short list of some of the 1000’s of events and places they have performed. Additional references available upon request. 

CD’s & Books 

Ron has recorded and produced over 50 self help titles including the 2003 breakthrough hypnotic cd, “The Heart’s Journey” which was considered for Seven Grammy awards; the only hypnosis/meditation genre disc to ever receive that recognition. He has also authored eight books on hypnosis and non-verbal communication currently offered on 

Longest running hypnosis show EVER in Washington 

The Ron Stubbs Hypnotic Mayhem show is an extremely strong, long running show in the casino market returning audiences show after show, month after month, year after year. No muss, no fuss, just guaranteed great entertainment. Here's a few examples: 

  • Quilceda Casino:                    2X monthly for over 10 years, over 240 shows 

  • Tulalip Casino:                       2X monthly for 7 years, over 168 shows 

  • Red Wind Casino:                  Monthly for 12 years; over 150 shows 

  • Little Creek Casino:               Over 75 shows (monthly/bi monthly) 

  • Quinault Casino:                    Over 50 shows (monthly/bi monthly) 

  • Swinomish Casino:                 Over 40 shows ( 2 shows per quarter ) 

  • Riverside Casino                     (Laughlin) 30 shows (6 day run yearly for 5 years) 

  • Hawkeyes Pubhouse             Monthly for 5 years; over 60 shows 

  • Stanwood Camano Fair        3 day run every year since 2011 

  • Skagit Valley Fair                    4 day run since 2015 

A VERY small sampling of where and what we've done 


"Dog Fight" (1991)   "Blink of an Eye"(2007)   “Kiss from the Grave” (2007)   “Loved Ones” (2008) 


Radio Shows 

KISS 106 FM Radio       100.7 FM KQBZ Radio          KRKO Radio              KISW 99.9 FM Radio       KZOK 102.5 FM           

KFOX Radio                    KISM FM Radio                     KJR FM Radio            KLEY Radio                       KYLK FM Radio                   

KMIR FM Radio              KEGX FM Radio                    KCLB FM Radio         KPLZ FM Radio                KMRJ FM Radio        

KXRX Fm Radio 



KING 5 Television                 KIRO 7 Television                  KOMO 4 Television                 KSTW Television 

Evening Magazine                Hypnosis NOW                       KBLC Television                      KONG Television 

KLBC Morning Show            KMIR Television                     KESQ Television                      KMIR Television 


Newspapers / Magazines 

Las Vegas Entertainer                                    Laughlin Entertainer                                    Backstage Pass Magazine 

NGH Journal                                                      APHP Hypnosis Journal                                Laughlin Herald          

Enterprise News                                              Stanwood News                                             Seattle Times                          

Seattle Post Intelligencer                              Everett Herald                                               Burlington Herald 

Wenatchee Daily Globe                                  Colville Gazette                                             Spokane Times                       

Lake Stevens Journal                                      The Stranger                                                   The Entertainment Weekly 

Evening Magazine                                            Everett Herald                                                Spokane Times 

Palm Springs Desert Sun                               Desert Entertainer                                        Las Vegas Entertainer



Don Laughlin’s Riverside Casino                       Tulalip Casino                           Freddie’s Club Casino 

Emerald Queen Casino                                        Little Creek Casino                  Red Wind Casino 

QuilCeda Creek Casino                                        Swinomish Casino                    Jokers Casino 

Yakima Legends Casino                                      Marsden’s Club Casino            North Star Casino                   

Terrible's Lakeside Casino                                 Happy Days Casino                   North Point Casino 

Silver Dollar Casino                                              South Point Casino                   Paradise Casino           

Quinault Casino                                                    Hastings Park Casino               Twin Pine Casino 

Spotlight 29 Casino                                              Riviera Casino                             Star Club Casino 

Billy Barker Casino                                              Three Rivers Casino                   Mill Casino 

Wildhorse Casino                                                 Warm Springs Casino                Northern Lights Casino 

Swinomish Casino                                                Snoqualmie Casino                    Starlight Casino 

Jokers Casino                                                         Papa’s Casino                              Club Fortune Casino 

Mill Bay Casino                                                     Okanogan Casino                        Fantasy Casino 

Thunderchief Lounge                                         Tropical Tides                               Riveria Lounge 

Moonraker Casino                                                Jerry's Place                                 The Roxy 

"D" Hotel & Casino                                               Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino


Comedy Clubs 

Billy Barkers                                                          Tacoma Comedy Club            Laughs Kirkland 

Wits End                                                                  The Underground                   Troy’s 

Uncle Walters                                                         Jokers                                        MJ Barleyhoppers 

The Warehouse                                                      Kah-Nee-Tah                            Wildfire 

Mineshaft Lounge                                                 Hawkeye’s Pubhouse            Comedy Stop 

JR Barleycorn's                                                       Frasiers                                     Olde Shipwreck 



Microsoft Corp.                                      Boeing Co.                                                Sonosite Corp.                        

Costco Corp.                                          Everett Events Center                            Key Arena 

Seattle Sonics Basketball                  Everett Silvertips Hockey                     QFC Foods 

Seattle Seahawks Inc.                        Hilton Hotels                                            Best Western Hotels 

Sheridan Hotels                                    Red Lion Hotels                                       Puget Sound Energy Group 

American Cancer Association           Roy Robinson Chevrolet                       Windermere Realty 

ARAMark Food Services                      Food Services of America                     BNG America             

Oregon Concrete Association            Sunset Chevrolet                                   Enumclaw Chrysler Motors 

Intel Corp                                                 BGN                                                          Oregon Road Skills Assoc.                                                                     


Stanwood High School                           Tahoma High School                            Westport High School 

Snohomish High School                        Olympia High School                            Kent High School 

Leavenworth High School                     Lakewood High School                       Auburn High School 

Kentlake High School                             Ballard High School                             Mid Valley High School 

University of Puget Sound                    South Puget University                      Pacific Lutheran University 

University of Washington                     Skagit Valley Comm. College             Everett Comm. College 

Levenworth High School                      Cascade High School                             Ocasta High School 

Clover Park High School                       Discover University                               Stanwood High School 



Bothell Arts Festival                               Stanwood Camano Fair                          Pierce County Fair 

Skagit Co Fair                                           Western Idaho State Fair                       Milton Days 

LARC Assoc Festival                               APHP Convention                                     NGH Convention 

ARA Convention                                    Oregon Concrete Convention 


Service Clubs 

Wenatchee Eagles                                  Sultan Eagles                           Granite Falls Eagles 

Monroe Eagles                                        Toppenish Eagles                    Colville Eagles 

Kelso Elks                                                 Everett Elks                              Montesano Moose Lodge 

Everett Emblem Club                            Moses Lake Golf Club            Portola Country Club 

Sunrise Country Club                            Orting Eagles                           Yakima Eagles

Our promise to you !

Our Promise to you 

We take great pride in delivering 150% to each and every show we do. 

No matter what size audience, venue or situation we believe that each and every client and customer deserves the finest entertainment experience possible. 

We place extreme value on our professional relationships and strive to make each experience working with us easy and effortless. 

Our work ethic is simple and sincere. 

We believe that you, the buyer, deserve respect. 

We believe that a team is stronger than a single voice. 

We will be reliable and honest. We will be prompt and courteous. 

Your continued success is our job security. 

We look far beyond just one show with you as a client. 

We realize that you expect excellent entertainment, true professionalism and we will deliver that with every performance. 

References can be supplied upon request----But we invite you to experience it for yourself.

What people are saying !

“This IS the Rock Concert of Comedy and Ron Stubbs IS the Rock Star of Hypnosis”  ----Backstage Pass Magazine 

“I’ve seen and worked with the best comedians in the business but I’ve never seen anything as funny as this; Ron is the real deal and the ONLY hypnotist I’ll book”----Roy Jernigan / Promoter Bu La Productions (Las Vegas) 

“Ron’s monthly show was standing room only for over 5 YEARS at my club in Lake Stevens”  ----Steve Adkin, Owner / Hawkeye’s Pubhouse 

“Ron plays at our casino 3-6 weekends a year and his shows always sellout within days of being announced. There is no other Northwest based comic that can produce those types of numbers consistently.”----Mindy Walton, Marketing/Entertainment Director / Swinomish Northern Lights Casino 

“Ron delivers 150% time and time again. I have seen a lot of hypnotists and he is absolutely the best I have ever seen. He is one of the easiest and most professional performers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The best part of it is people never get tired of seeing their friends and family onstage and keep coming back for more.”---Sean Spain, Promoter / Red Sky Agency 

“Plain and simple…Ron Stubbs is the best in the business at what he does.”  ---Shawn Cain, Promoter / Down the Rabbit Hole Productions 

“Ron is not only a REALLY nice guy but his shows are totally hilarious. When Ron was here last June the temperature was 116 degrees during the day, but our showroom was packed all week because he IS the Outrageous King of COOL….”---Barbie Gilden, Entertainment Director / Don Laughlin’s Riverside Casino 

“Ron has performed twice monthly at the Quilceda Creek casino since June 2005. Our 400 seat showroom is sold out hours before he steps onstage. I don’t know HOW he does it…I’m just glad he DOES!  --Jessica Joseph Quilceda Creek Casino 

“I’ve been a concert promoter and talent buyer for over 20 years. In that time a lot of comics have passed thru my agency. I have never had the privilege of working with someone like Ron Stubbs; a consummate professional, his shows take the craft of comedy hypnosis to levels others have only dreamed of. From concerts to casinos he will never let you down.”----Jerry Henderson---- Talent Buyer / Creative Talent Agency 

“Ron has consistently packed our showroom every month since 2007 time and time again. His shows are always different and it is a pleasure to work with a true professional. If you get a chance to book him, do it now—before he becomes a superstar.”----Brad Jenkins---Entertainment Director, Red Wind Casino 

“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the top bands, comedians and entertainers in the world...I thought that I had seen it all; then comes along this hypnotist guy. Now I’m a born skeptic- but let me tell you; the things I saw this man do in my radio studio made me a believer fast. I have known him personally and have become a HUGE fan. He is a fantastic radio guest, has been on my show many times and is always welcomed back. Every time I see him perform I walk out with my cheeks hurting from laughter. Ron Stubbs is the best I have ever seen and I have seen a lot come and go. He simply IS the Rockstar of Hypnosis.”  Jeff “The Fish” Aaron---KRKO Radio Personality 

Some Fan Feedback: 

Posted by: islandjenn, ---Ron is pure high voltage talent, just a warning, if you attend one off his show, wear love LOVE this guy!!! 

Posted by: Kandie, ---- Ron and his wife will bring down the house! They were at our local casino and broke the record for attendance on comedy night. So much talent and great people too! 

Posted by: Bev, ---- Where else can you go and laugh for 2 hours straight. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Always a good show and I have seen my share. 

Posted by: Tiffany, ---- He is amazing when it comes to comedy!!! He's just the best there is 

Posted by: Eric, ----- Ron has great energy, a very polished yet loose stage presence and no two shows are ever the same. He rocks! 

Posted by: Veronica S., ----Ron is the best in the US. When you have the pleasure to see one of his show's...take a look around at the audience, you will see a smile on everyone's face, and hear the laughter. 

Posted by: Joel H. Ross---- I have seen his show twice and been a part of it once and never laughed so hard in my life!! He is AWESOME!! 

Posted by: Nicolette W., ----He is totally funny!!!! Amazing act! 

Posted by: Julie, ---- I went to see his show at the QCC for the tenth time last night and it was once again hilarious. I can't wait to take more friends and see this again! 

Posted by: James S., ---- He does a great live show! I did not believe in hypnosis until I attended one of his shows. 

Posted by: Jeanie T., ------This guy’s CRAZY!!!! I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life. He was at the Riverside Casino in Laughlin for a week and I kept calling friends to com

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